The Book of Soden

Australia : Part 2 




Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, New Zealand


                                    Episcopalian Church, Wyebridge, Ontario, Canada


Cathedral, Cavan Town, Co. Cavan, Ireland


Map of Soden Street, Emporia, Kansas


Crossroads at Ferris Sibford


Sodenstrasse, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany



The Book of Soden is intended (read on...........   

Visitors to the First Soden Family Reunion held in Sligo, Ireland from June 12th-14th,2000

Names of the Participants                           

1.Jeanine Soden, New York, USA , 2. Marilyn Higson, Shropshire, England. 3. Priscilla Soden, New York , USA 4. . Matthew Soden, New York , USA 5. Muriel Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 6. Alice Soden, Dublin , Ireland 7. Christine Soden Ashton,  Dublin , Ireland. 8. Felix P. Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 9. Carla Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 10. Kristina Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 11. Lukas Soden, Dublin, Ireland. 12. Ute Hoefer-Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 13. Kay Parry, Dublin , Ireland. 14. Margaret  Soden, Dublin ,Ireland. 15. Marie Soden Feeney,  Toronto , Canada. 16. James Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 17. Mark Montignani Soden,  New York , USA. 18. Beryl Soden Ellis, Flintshire , Wales19. Bryn Ellis, Flintshire , Wales. 20. Cathie Strus, Mississauga, Canada. 21. Ryan Strus, Mississauga , Canada. 22. Margaret Soden Strus,  Mississauga, Canada. 23. Bruce Gilbert Soden, New York , USA24. Donal Arundel, Dublin , Ireland. 25. Conor Soden, Wicklow , Ireland. 26. Travis Pittman, California , USA. 27. Kathleen Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 28. Robyn Dorch, California , USA. 29. Peter Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 30. Linda Soden, Leicester , England. 31. Ronald Soden, Leicester , England. 32. Charlotte Soden, Leicester, England. 33. Karen D'Or, California , USA. 34. Bob Pittman, California , USA. 35. Norma Soden, Belfast , Northern Ireland. 36. Terence Soden, Berkshire , England. 37. Jean Soden, Berkshire, England. 38. Michael Strus, Mississauga, Canada. 39. James Arthur Soden, Toronto , Canada. 40. Edna McConkey Soden, Toronto , Canada. 41. Doris Soden,  Alabama , USA. 42. Robert G. Soden, Alabama , USA. 43. James Soden, Belfast , Northern Ireland. 44. Sarah Scott, Maidenhead , England. 45. Gretta Soden O'Reilly, Sligo , Ireland. 46. Katie Soden, Cavan , Ireland. 47. Craig Scott, Maidenhead , England. 48. Therese Soden Kelly, Mayo , Ireland.  49. David Soden Dublin , Ireland.




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Melanie Bromley in New Zealand will publish soon a book on family history which includes detailed accounts of the Hook Norton Sodens of Oxfordshire and other related families



Margaret Soden, Toronto is working on a biography of her father, James Arthur Soden,  and is also leading a DNA project on the Soden name.


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Felix Soden has added copious information in the form of censuses for the UK and Ireland on the site under UK and Census Page.



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Glenn Soden of Columbus, Ohio has given some very valuable information on the Afro-American branch in Maryland and Trinidad. [United States of America]


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